Ruby’s Reins

Farrier // Vaulting Clinician // Horse Instructor

Farrier- currently offer bare foot trims and shoe pulling.

Vaulting Clinics at your barn.

Horse Lessons on your horse. I come to you.


Graduated from Troy Price Horseshoeing School, Fort Wayne, IN (Trim Course)

Barefoot Trims, and shoe pulling.

First time Trim: $60

Base rate: $40 a horse on a regular schedule

Farm call: $25 for less than three horse.  (Three or more no farm call)

Horse Instruction- Find hours and prices at

I have been riding for 18 years and have enjoyed many avenues of riding.  From 4-H to gym-kana, from Dressage to Trail and more.  I love watching the rider and horse connect and build confidence together as a team in whatever dicipline they choose

Riding lessons on your horse at your chosen location.  

- Dressage

- Trail

- Western

- English

- Jumping

- Speed Events

Vaulting Clinician

With over 15 years of vaulting and coaching, and have competed in national and internationl USEF and FEI levels. I also have my silver medal with the American Vaulting Assosiation.  I have a passion for this sport and love seeing my students gain confidene and strength along with partnership with the horse.

$250 for a half day clinic

$400 for a whole day

$150 Horse fee to bring my horse 

Private Vaulting Lessons

$55 for a private 

$35 for a semi Private

$20 for a group of 4

Travel fee based on distance

Is Vaulting Safe? Yes! The FEI and USEF consider it the safest equestrian sport!